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casa Grândola

9 rooms / coworking / restaurant / terrace / event space

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Casa Grândola is at heart of the capital of the region, in the main plaza in front the Municipal Building. The plot is facing the iconic old elevated water tank. 

Downtown Grândola is not only where all administrative formalities of the most pushful region in Portugal are centralized, but it
is also a vibrant urban space joining most of the cultural, gastronomic and artistic traditions in Allentejo

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Casa Grândola aims to become “a hub” for a wide range of creative, pioneers and entrepraneurs coming to the region in always increasing numbers; a place also for locals and outsiders to connect and celebrate a crucial moment of transformation. The city is clearly lacking high quality design multifunction spaces that embrace this change and foster innovative ways of dwelling, creating and knowledge sharing. Casa Grândola will be the perfect bridge between the world and the precious territory of the Allentejo

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Simplicity and honesty are in the core of the design at Casa Grândola. An accurate and perfectly modulated wooden structure brings innovation and tradition together finding its place and scale at a highly iconic location. Outdoor and indoor spaces flow across the building between the courtyard and the plaza allowing for transparent and meaningful connections. Interiors are planned to show the fusion of the well known Portuguese cotton and ceramics with the refined lines of contemporary furniture design

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