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aldeia circular / Melides

27 spaces to experience the healing essence of Alentejo

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At the heart of Alentejo, just ninety minutes away from Lisbon. Between an infinite arch of unspoiled beaches and the invaluable cork forest of Sierra de Grândola

aldeia circular is a "healing hub" where we rethink relationships between all layers of being

An invitation to explore what we are in front of nature

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The circle is a universal symbol of community, an archetype of embracement

Aldeia Circular it also means an attitude of understanding natural cycles to foster resilience as an overarching value leading every space and activity

One of the most important design decisions was to use circular rammed earth walls in all buildings. By using this almost forgotten traditional system, improved by today ́s technological development, this project will have an important positive impact at a cultural level, but it will also mean an important source of local employment

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Naturally embraced by the Sierra de Grândola and the Atlantic Ocean, the so called 'Valley of the Fig Trees' has a unique combination of light winds and mild temperatures. Shaped by continuous 'rolling hills' Vale Figueira looks to the sea without losing its intimate local landscape essence.

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Aldeia Circular is a regeneration project. As such is the result of an important shift of values aiming to transition from developments that end up as "islands in the landscape" to fully integrated elements of socially, economically and environmentally wider systems. 

From exclusive resorts to inclusive communities, from short term revenues to meaningful long term intergenerational outcomes and impacts

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27 spaces of different typologies for mid to long term stays

Amenity spaces with continuous artistic programming

Thermae healing space

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