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Ensó is a Japanese word for “circle”, it expresses a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. This is a Zen symbol of intuitive living and also an expression of the flow and connections between wellbeing and creativity

The Ensó circle is not a closed shape.

It recognizes it 's relation to a wider system, implying at the same time “movement and connection”

aldeia, portuguese word for “village” or “small settlement of houses”

aldeia is a place where we go to connect, to celebrate, to share, to create and to
make happen the ideas that we hold most dear, but is also a place where we go
to heal, to slow down, to get closer to nature and to experience simple moments
of natural beauty

aldeia is also a gathering of doers, creatives, pioneers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, investors which are also parents, elders, nature lovers, foodies and on the odd occasion, part time hedonists

aldeia is a blend of hospitality, healing and encounter spaces combining the essence of Alenetejo's landscape and the thriving activity of it's inner towns

aldeia is the lifestyle of our times

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